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Wednesday May 14
Hollywood Theatre

Gridlords #22!
As part of the NW animation festival Gridlords is curating a special night of Gridlordian masters!
More artists soon to be announced in addition to this incredible lineup!
Stay tooned;)

Poster by Daria Tessler
GUMMI added! Hollywood Theatre presents: GRIDLORDS #21 AT HOLOCENE!

Gridlords #20 

Gridlords #20 Photographs by Katy Ellis O’Brien

Gridlords #20 Photographs by Katy Ellis O’Brien

Gridlords #20 Photographs by Katy Ellis O’Brien

Gridlords #20 Photographs by Katy Ellis O’Brien

Gridlords #20 Pictures by Katy Ellis O’Brien


Gridlords loses Jim Woodring & wins Julia Gfrörer!

Applause throughout the land! 

Linework NW Seeks Volunteers for Event!!

Hi friends, this is fellow Gridlord Emily Nilsson with a special request. Linework NW needs volunteers for the event, Saturday April 12th, for various jobs: setting up, taking down, helping people find their tables, to name a few.  We’re hosting an after-party as well, at which we’ll need some helpers.  We need a few people with an OLCC license, so if you have one, let us know!  I am assembling a list with everyone’s information.

If you are interested, please email me at:

Include your phone number, and if there are times during the day when you would best be able to be there.  The main event is at the Norse Hall, 111 NE 11th, from 2-9pm. 

As you may already be aware, Gridlords will be hosting a new show hosting many of the guests of Linework, which will happen the Sunday night after Linework.

Linework is going to be a great event showcasing illustrators, comic artists, zine creators and small press publishers.  It’s free to attend so even if you can’t volunteer, please stop by to see everyone!

Thanks folks!


Caley Feeney Arrangements: An interview by Sean Christensen

Caley, your work, to me, lies in a realm so strong in arrangements. I would say you are similar to Brian Eno in how he once explained himself as a non-musician and more of an arranger of things & sounds. You seem to be able to grab colors & shapes, cultural and personal references and compose them into something that has a glowing power to it. When I am trying to describe this, it is important that I mention that this description is expressing what I see in the body that is Caley Feeney’s work. This includes sounds, music, pieces for walls & pieces for the new virtual gallery of the ever-expansive internet.

Firstly, Thanks for asking me to be at Gridlords. You’re very generous in your statement. I appreciate your thoughtfulness toward my work; I’m always intrigued by others’ interpretation of it. I would agree that I view myself as a non-artist, or at least not a fine artist, though my reasons for that vary on a daily basis. I do engage in arrangements and observations of color and form, both formal and not, largely in passing and more as expression or play than as lasting precious objects. I find it interesting to explore the various tones certain arrangements may take on in any given moment. I don’t view this as anthropomorphism, as some tend to think (though I do love characters, mascots, logos…), but more of an exploration of what a single setting can express. This happens both rapidly and over time. Changing dynamics and thought patterns… I just made this connection: I grew up in therapy, so I wonder if playing with zoo animals and making arrangements in zen gardens has shaped this habit of arranging and considering, though regardless, it does seem to be a natural human inclination.

I try not to think I have too much of a grasp on these objects or arrangements…as if I own them.


I don’t understand, so am rapidly interpreting, trying on perspectives or not thinking at all.

still pom / still pus
heavenly vacancy
enter / exit / be

What was the last arrangement on a wall that really moved you, Caley?

I would say that the first thing to comes to mind is not an arrangement on a wall, per se, but I was riding the bus the other night and a woman was drawing, in pencil, a large rendering of Tupac’s face that she’d taken from a magazine clipping. I found it completely incredible and it was highly detailed and well done. Another girl on the bus noticed and started talking with her. The woman said she believes everyone can draw, but that some stop and are satisfied with their limitations and others take it further, but everyone has the potential.

What was the last arrangement of sound that made you feel strong?

The last sound performance I heard that was deeply significant for me was getting to see Meredith Monk perform at Reed College a few months ago. It was life-affirming and joyous… her vocal pieces for solo voice are so inspiring, so dynamic without needing much. Seeing her face as she played “Travelling” was incredible.

What was the last arrangement of words that made you change the way you felt about something?

Ha ha, I was playing bananagrams with my friends and roommates David and Morgan, and David used the word “tree” three times in various places throughout his arrangement as well as the word “area” twice, intersecting itself. My natural gaming-self inclination was to object to it, but it was a revelation to be shown that it was allowed and that it was a beautiful poem.

Caley Feeney will be presenting work at Gridlords at the Hollywood Theatre on Sunday, March 16.









Suzette Smith will be presenting work at Gridlords at the Hollywood Theatre on Sunday, March 16.

Antidote #16

from a series of Mind Medicine Drawings by Theo Ellsworth for Gridlords